The Doll Maker

The Doll Maker salespic

Locke Crowley is the Doll Maker. Locke was not always the monstrous man you see before you. He was once an innocent child that had a unreal perception of the world around him. He was protected and cared for by a doting father who loved Locke more than anything in the world. Loved him enough to turn a blind eye to the torturous things that Locke was doing to small animals. His father hoped that if Locke could learn a craft he could alter the sickness within his mind and show him beauty in the world. He taught Locke the art of doll making. A craft that had been passed down from generation to generation in is family. Locke took to the skill immediately and loved making the beautiful dolls that he had watched his father do for so long. His father thought that his plan had worked at first but soon it became clear that Locke was becoming more detached from reality. Locke made dolls in the images of women who had been murdered. The dolls depicted all sorts of gruesome endings with anything from a sliced throat to a face with no eyes or flesh. Locke’s father became increasingly concerned and one day Locke overheard his father talking to a friend about his son’s behavior. Locke wanted nothing more than to please his father but no matter how hard he tried he could not behave the way his father wished for. Locke spent many hours sitting on street corners or park benches studying and observing others, sitting in front of his bedroom mirror later mimicking and practicing what he has seen others doing. Soon Locke’s father stopped worrying and decided that the boy was indeed cured.

When Locke entered his nineteenth year his father did something that Locke never thought he would do. He took a wife. Locke was horrified and felt as if he were being replaced. When he asked his father why he was doing this, his father told him he was a lonely old man and now that Locke was able to go out into the world and care for himself he wanted to have someone to be a companion with and care for his needs. Locke was furious at his betrayal and in a fit of rage he killed both his beloved father and step mother and burned the house to the ground. It had appeared to the authorities to have been an unfortunate accident, and Locke kept his silence. Later on he returned to the destroyed home and sifted through the ashes. He found a single glass doll eye which he took with him. He left his home and moved far away to a new place and began to make the precious dolls again. As time went on Locke found that the porcelain creations did not capture the moment that he was looking for, they no longer held sway over him. He would make a creation beyond beautiful. Soon enough Locke had moved onto human victims. He would end their lives in a moment of pure agony and catch the look and expression of utter fear and despair. He posed them as he had the dolls, using some as marionettes even. Locke still roams the darkened streets and alleyways and if you are not careful you might cross his path and become one of the unfortunates to stare into the face of evil, into the glass eye that now is embedded in his disfigured eye socket, making beautiful what was once flawed. Perhaps you will become one of the living works or art, or worse yet perhaps you will become one of the dead dolls the Locke loves so much.


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