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Immortals Avatars SLB 12 promo

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Our Immortals Giant Male’s first night out…

giant out


SL 11 Birthday better know as SL11B is an event for creators that takes place from June 22 – 29.

Immortals Avatars is participating with an art creation named “From Ashes To The Evolution Of The Mind”.

The build symbolizes the evolution of the avatar.
From the source hands reach out while avatars climb their way up the evolution tree in order to achieve the higher perfection.

Visit the exhibition inworld:


From Ashes To The Evolution Of The Mind


Immortals Avatars is pleased to announce that we have been nominated in three categories this year for Second Life’s 2013 Avi Choice Awards. Favorite Small Avatar Creator, and also in the male and female small avatar clothing designers.

If you have a moment please take a look at the website and give us a vote.

The winners will be selected on December 15th. Thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful year and for all the support we have received from our wonderful merchants and customers.

we are in the categories: 

Favorite Petite/Tiny AV Creator : NL Sperber and Isabelle Torok

Favorite Petite Female Apparel : Immortals

Favorite Petite Male Apparel : Immortals


Skate World, Second Life’s biggest skate store, designs all kinds of roller skates, ice skates and skateboards for big and small avatars and does custom jobs exclusively for Immortals Avatars They have very cool- and also some pretty “unusual” designs going on, go check it out!



SKATE WORLD logo 2014


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