Isabelle: “this is purely a personal thing and I am in no way shape or form (literally) judging anyone on some of the trends I see in Second Life, from massive gaps to the over exaggerated body parts. My partner and I create mesh avatars and designs inworld and I get why many trends are popular even when I personally choose to not wear such things myself, but to just take specific parts of the avatar body and stretch and misshape to the ultimate extreme is beyond my understanding.  Anyone have any comments to add on this?  From a creator standpoint I would really like to understand or maybe see things from a perspective I have yet to think about past personal choice”.



As SL creators we like our creations to get displayed of course.
There are many ways to do this, one if this is to advertise in an online magazine or a website.
The magazines / websites charge you a certain ammount of Lindens, sometimes even as much as 15.000 L$ (don’t be to late with sending in your info. or you get charged another 4K !) and sometimes you have to pay an entree fee to join up.
Then they state the number of people (in many cases some thousands) your advertisement gets displayed to.
So my question is, what’s the guarantee that all those members aren’t just creators themselves who payed the site owner believing their promises? How many people are actually potential customers you want to reach through advertising?

It makes me think of SL grids where there are big clubs with a mall next door.
The club is crowded and produces the traffic then the owners promote their mall with these traffic ratings, while 99% of all visitors never go to the mall.
Or Clubs / shops that have a platform filled with avatars / bots (seen one the other day with close to a hundred alts on it) at 3000 meters up in the air to gather traffic.”Oh look, how popular my place is, come by and buy or drop by and rent a shop here”.

To advertise I want to be sure that I spend my Lindens to where is leads to display and hopefully sales.
It’s great to get blogged for the same display reasons but only if the blogger appreciate the quality or our products and not for personal interest.
Don’t get lured in to advertising on member numbers, please show some stats.
Good sites and magazines earn their members because of the quality or their site articles, this only leads to a consistant amount of really interested viewers and that makes it attractive as a creator to advertise.



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