The IMMORTALS are mesh or partly mesh avatars, full size, giant  or small or Micro, complete or mesh heads only, with or without matching skins.

The difference between avatars in Second Life is evident.  We wanted to make avatars with more realistic looks, curves, muscle definations, cleavages, ect. and that is what we have created with the IMMORTALS.

The Immortals Avatars are all “copy and modify” and come with a full version, no feet- and hoof cut version and many options (depending on the type of avatar) such as  hud controlled skin tone changers, makeup layers, different sets of eyes, skin and nail options, different hair bases, facial hair options, free clothing starter packs (male versions: hud controlled genitals included) etc.

Although the avatars are modifiable, meaning you can rez and color them (or wear your own skins), there is a variety of different colored small avatars as well to preserve the skin definition and shining. There’s even a range of fantasy avatars.

We have full themed avatars that come with a special themed skin, clothes etc.

We design clothes, shoes and many accessories for our avatars and we have been fortunate to have several great designers sign on to contribute.

For a closer look visit us inworld at the main stores to see for yourself what you have been missing in small and full size avatars.


Isabelle Torok & NL Sperber

Immortals Avatars Owners & Creators

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/256852804434631

Twitter:      https://twitter.com/ImmortalsAvatar

YouTube:   http://www.youtube.com/user/IMMORTALSavatar

Flickr:         https://www.flickr.com/photos/immortalsavatars

Tumblr:      http://immortalsavatars.tumblr.com

Vimeo:        http://vimeo.com/immortalsavatars

Second Life Destination Guide:



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