2 comments on “IMMORTALS The new small avatars

  1. The Immortals are small avatars similar in size to petites or littles but with more realistic body features. The shapes have been costumed designed for a more realistic, sexy, and alluring appeal that the other small avatars on the market are lacking. While the smaller avatars are very cute in many ways they lack the realistic look of full size avatars.
    We have put a lot of effort into making sure that for those who enjoy little avatars, can do so without having to sacrifice the quality you can have with full size avatars.

    The immortals will come in a huge variety of colors and skin textures from fantasy to realistic. Each avatar will come with a hoof cut version and 3 pairs of colored eyes as well.

    Visit the new store inworld Second Life, opening Saturday sept. 1


  2. We are glad to find people thrilled about the looks of the IMMORTALS.

    Several of Second Life’s top designers are participating allready and started designing clothes and other accessories.

    Recently Kastlerock opened an IMMORTALS shop inside their store and it looks just great (we love you Spooky)!

    Logo’s and landmarks are on the wall in our store.

    Also we like to thank the bloggers who contacted us to promote the avatars.

    We released new clothes and shoes and are working hard on more new creations.

    Feel free any time to IM us if you have ideas for new creations, all input is appreciated.

    We give away free templates should you want to design and / or sell your own creations (need tips or help just shoot us an IM).

    See you soon, see you small šŸ™‚


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